Maximizing Revenue and Simplifying Ad Management: A Case Study from a Leading Travel and Financial Niche Site Owner

Abstract: This case study examines the experience of a leading finance and travel-focused niche site owner and Newor Media publisher, in improving their website monetization and ad management. The study explores the publisher’s journey from using Ezoic to transitioning to Newor Media. It highlights the positive outcomes in terms of increased revenue, simplified ad management, improved site speed, and the benefits of a supportive ad manager. The study also discusses the importance of relationships and the impact of timely payments on business strategy and content investment.

Introduction: This a prominent blog in the finance and travel niche, focused on providing valuable insights and tips to readers. This case study delves into the niche site owner’s experience in optimizing website monetization, ad management, and the benefits of partnering with Newor Media.

Challenges Faced: Before transitioning to Newor Media, the blogger encountered the following challenges with Ezoic:

  • Disruptive Site Coding: The use of Ezoic resulted in disruptions to the website’s core web vitals and slowed down the site speed, negatively impacting user experience. 
  • Limited Revenue Growth: Although Ezoic generated higher income compared to previous methods, it did not deliver the desired revenue growth or improved earnings.
  • Inadequate Ad Management: The absence of an ad manager at Ezoic meant missed opportunities for new ads and potential revenue.

Transition to Newor Media: Motivated by a blogging mastermind group and the desire for a better ad program, the blogger decided to switch to Newor Media. The key aspects of the transition are as follows:

  • Simpler Ad Management: Newor Media provided a user-friendly ad inserter WP plugin, which simplified the process of managing ads. It allowed the blogger to toggle between different ad types effortlessly. 
  • Improved Site Speed: Unlike Ezoic, Newor Media significantly improved site speed, resulting in a smoother user experience. 
  • Increased Revenue: The blogger observed a substantial increase in revenue after switching to Newor Media, with holiday weekends performing exceptionally well.
  • Timely Payments: Newor Media’s payment cycle, with payouts around the 4th or 5th of the following month, allowed the blogger to invest the earnings back into their business quicker and support content creation and growth strategies. 
  • Premium Ad Opportunities: The blogger benefited from Mimi, Newor Media’s publisher account manager, who facilitated partnerships with premium ad networks, opening avenues for additional revenue streams.

Benefits and Positive Outcomes: The transition to Newor Media yielded several benefits for the blogger:

  • Improved Revenue Streams: The blogger experienced increased earnings compared to Ezoic, especially during peak periods like holidays. 
  • Simplified Ad Management: The user-friendly ad inserter plugin provided by Newor Media made ad management seamless and allowed for more control and customization options.
  •  Enhanced Site Speed: Newor Media’s optimized ad serving methods significantly improved site speed, resulting in better user experiences and improved search engine rankings. 
  • Supportive Ad Manager: The personalized and attentive service provided by Mimi, the blogger’s publisher account manager at Newor Media, ensured a positive working relationship and a proactive approach to maximizing ad revenue. 
  • Networking and Collaboration: Being part of a blogging mastermind group facilitated connections and opportunities to share insights and experiences, leading to discovering Newor Media and its benefits.

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates that by transitioning from Ezoic to Newor Media, the publisher significantly improved revenue, simplified ad management, and enhanced site speed. The timely payments, premium ad opportunities, and the dedicated account manager provided by Newor Media contributed to the blogger’s overall satisfaction. This study underscores the importance of exploring alternative ad programs and building supportive relationships to optimize monetization strategies and enhance the success of online businesses.

Bridget George

Senior Account Manager, Publisher Development: Newor Media

Bridget is a dynamic business development and account manager. She has been in the ad tech industry for over 7 years and is known for her ability to drive innovative solutions and foster strategic growth. Passionate about her work, she excels in managing key accounts and ensuring client satisfaction.