Reddit Ad Ops & More: Top Communities for Website Monetization

The world of advertising operations, ad tech, and programmatic advertising continue to evolve at a significant page. Paying attention to developing trends and taking part in Ad Ops industry discussions can be a great source of information.

Not only can you stay on top of developments, but you can also interact directly with other professionals and experts to share best practices and get expert advice.

Reddit has become a go-to place for many in the Ad Ops industry, so we’ll highlight of few of the subreddits that have become popular in the Ad Ops community. However, there are also other options for keeping current on monetization and optimization strategies and more. If you’re looking for a curated list, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top Ad Ops groups, forums, blogs, and podcasts, including:

  • Reddit Ad Ops channels
  • Discord Ad Ops channels
  • Slack Ad Ops channels
  • LinkedIn Ad Ops groups
  • Facebook Ad Ops groups
  • Ad Ops Blogs
  • Ad Ops podcasts

Best Reddit Ad Ops Channels

Reddit is a social news site where communities come together to explore interests and passions. It’s a huge collection of forums where people share information, discuss trends, and help answer questions in Reddit threads.

A subreddit is a web forum dedicated to a specific topic. One of the advantages of checking out these forums is that they are populated heavily by ad networks and ad ops professionals that discuss topics at length.

Some popular Reddit Ad Ops forums include:


r/adops includes general discussions from people in the ad operations community. It has nearly 38,000 subscribers talking about different ways to manage ad operations from monetization to optimization to highly technical discussions.


The r/adtech subreddit focuses on ad tech from both an advertiser (demand) and publisher (supply) side, as well as the programmatic channels in the advertising industry. Its 2,800 subscribers discuss emerging trends and the competitive landscape in digital marketing.


r/programmatic has more than 9,000 members and discusses programmatic marketing and digital advertising strategy and implementation. You’ll often find professionals working for some of the biggest tech companies discussing new initiatives or helping with troubleshooting here.


r/Adsense is a subreddit that focuses on Google AdSense. With 6,800 members, you can find robust discussions about Google AdSense, Google AdX, and other Google ad platform practices.

Best Discord Ad Ops Channels

Discord was launched in 2015 as another forum-type platform allowing people to share and communicate around specific topics or interests. Discord became popular with gamers, but has since broadened out. It now boasts more than 300 million registered users and 140 million active monthly users.

Digital Marketing — White Hat & Black Hat discusses best practices for Ad Ops and marketers working in the digital advertising ecosystem. Its 9,200 members also discuss subjects like affiliate marketing, ad fraud, and SEO.

Best Slack Ad Ops Channels

Slack organizes conversations in workspaces that are called channels. Users can view and join public channels while private channels allow for more targeted conversations with individuals. Either way, you have to be invited and approved before you can join a channel on Slack.

You will find smaller groups of members on most Slack channels since memberships need to be approved.

Marketers Chat

Marketers Chat has more than 3,000 members, including social media, PPC, SEO, media buyers, and website publishers. It focuses on affiliate marketing and marketing tools for revenue growth.


Growmance has more than 13,600 members. This Slack channel focuses on growth hacking, MarTech, and conversion rate optimization.

Clever Ads

Clever Ads has 1,579 members discussing new Ad ops tools, products, and monetization strategies along with job listings in the ad tech world.


Accelerate focus on PPC and paid ad strategies on Google and Bing. About 800 members are active on Accelerate.

Best LinkedIn Ad Ops Groups

LinkedIn is considered the professionals’ social media platform with more than 66.8 million monthly active users in the US alone. Here, you will find Ad Ops and ad tech professionals who share news and information, advice, and job opportunities.

Some of the top LinkedIn groups for Ad Ops include:

Ad Ops Buzz

Ad Ops Buzz talks about ad networks, ad exchanges, online advertising, and Ad Ops tools to optimize revenue. It has nearly 3,000 members.

Ad Ops Mobile

Ad Ops Mobile has 860 members. As you might suspect from the name, members discuss ad operations for mobile applications.


ADTECH & ADOPS has nearly 2,000 digital media executives, account managers, ad managers, and industry professionals. This LinkedIn site focuses on ways to improve the ad tech and ad operations ecosystem and industry.

Programmatic Advertising Performance for Publishers: RTB, AdOps, Monetization, and More

Programmatic Advertising Performance for Publishers: RTB, AdOps, Monetization and more has 400 members that discuss the increasingly complex programmatic world for publishers and how they can better control revenue streams.

Best Ad Ops Facebook Groups

While Facebook is a public-facing social media platform, it’s still a popular platform for professionals as well. When you have 2.93 billion active monthly users and 1.96 billion daily active users, you’re attracting a large cross-section of people. In most cases, you will need to ask for permission to join groups and participate.

Programmatic Advertising & Ad Ops Professionals

Programmatic Advertising & Ad Ops Professionals is one of the more popular private groups with 3,300 members, hosted by AdLib, a demand-side platform.

Programmatic Advertising – DV 360

Programmatic Advertising – DV 360 is a public group with 2,600 members. Members discuss Google’s Display & Video 360 platform (formerly known as Doubleclick Bid Manager). Discussions tend to run towards technical solutions for Ad Ops managers.

RTB & Programmatic Media (Uncensored)

RTB & Programmatic Media (Uncensored) is another private group with 600+ members. It can be a blunt group that pulls no punches when discussing programmatic advertising trends, case studies, metrics, and digital ad strategies using real-time bidding and header bidding.

The Google AdSense Community

The Google AdSense Community has 37,000+ members which provide expert advice on optimizing PPC and CPM campaigns. If you do access this Facebook group, however, you may need to look past some spammy posts to find the insights.

Best Ad Ops Blogs

One of the best sources for information about Ad Ops is blogs and industry websites. You’ll find many of these blogs and websites will also offer newsletters and podcasts.

Ad Exchanger

Ad Exchanger covers programmatic advertising trends in the industry and breaking news. It is a good source for independent coverage of emerging Ad Ops tech and industry conferences.


Digiday is a must-read for many of those in the digital advertising space that work in Ad Ops or ad tech. Digiday provides in-depth coverage of publishing, advertising, and digital platforms. If you ever run into jargon or terms you don’t know, you can also check out the WFT Ad Tech section for definitions.


Quora is more a discussion board than a blog, but there are multiple niche groups that allow users to post questions and get answers from industry professionals. Some of the more popular sections include:

Digital News Daily

Digital News Daily from MediaPost highlights news within the broader digital world. It is a good site for breaking news, finding new surveys and studies, and tracking general industry trends.

Google AdSense Blog

While the Google AdSense blog focused primarily on Google’s ad platforms and tutorials, it also provides insight into how Google thinks and approaches its ad operations and provides advice for publishers in optimizing revenue.


AdMonsters has a significant following among advertising operations professionals, focusing on media operations, monetization, platforms, strategy, and trends. It provides news and commentary on such things as cookies, header bidding, RTB, and programmatic.

What Happens in AdOps

If you’re looking for something a little different or just a little distraction for your day, What Happens in AdOps is a snarky and irreverent blog with video and meme-centric posts. It’s a fun place to share a laugh about the daily life of working in ad ops.

Best Ad Ops Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming a popular way to learn about trends and hear directly from industry professionals. You’ll find that many of the popular blogs and websites will have their own podcasts as well.

Here are some of the more popular podcasts for ad ops professionals:

AdOps All-Stars

AdOps All-Stars with Jason Dobrzykowski features a discussion with AdOps and eCommerce leaders on the cutting edge talking about how they operate and overcome industry challenges.

The AdPod

The ADPod discusses general advertising industry trends but also has some strong segments on programmatic, publisher monetization, and ad technology.

Behind Headlines: 180 Seconds in Ad Tech

Behind Headlines: 180 Seconds in Ad Tech has easily digestible podcasts — all three minutes or less — with insight into trending ad tech topics.

AdTech Unfiltered

AdTech Unfiltered with host Noor Nassen interviews Ad Ops industry leaders on topics around programmatic advertising and other emerging ad tech.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

The AD Ops ecosystem is evolving constantly. Staying on top of what’s happening in the industry and how it may affect your ability to optimize revenue is important. One final place you should check out regularly is the blog section on Newor Media. Newor Media provides publishers with ad monetization technology to maximize their programmatic advertising revenue.

To learn more about strategies to optimize your ad ops, contact the experts at Newor Media today.

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