When To Upgrade To Header Bidding From AdSense

Google’s AdSense is no doubt a leading name in the advertising industry. But if we’re completely honest, it’s most likely because it’s the easiest place to start. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the helping hand, but it’s just simply not up to the task when it comes to reaching the highest levels of ad revenue. 

So if you’ve started with AdSense and are here wondering ‘when is it a good time to upgrade from AdSense,’ read on. The answer is most likely “as soon as possible.” Let’s dive into all the why, how, and when–of upgrading from AdSense.  

Why Upgrade From AdSense

At the end of the day, putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky and unrewarding maneuver–especially when it comes to ad-monetization. While AdSense offers the most beginner-friendly model for an ad network, it lacks the tools necessary to fully help you optimize your ad strategy. Although switching may sound tricky or like one big headache, consider these motivators for upgrading: 

  • Increased revenue: If you receive low click-through-rates, working on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) revenue model may generate greater profits for you. 
  • Ad control: Other providers give an ample variety of ad types, sizes, formats, and layouts to work with. Some even help to optimize said layouts. 
  • Transparency: AdSense fails to offer transparent insight into how your ads are being bid on. By switching, you can track first-hand how your ad units perform and their true value. Whereas with AdSense, you’re paid out what they determine is fair.
  • Diversifying revenue: Diversifying your network stack brings in more money and is a good safety net; why run from that? Should you ever face having your AdSense account banned, you won’t have to fear losing your ad revenue stream. 

Even if you’re happy with AdSense, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the increase in earnings from some added competition. 

How To Tell Your Ready 

There’s no set guideline here, but comparing your website traffic and quality to your earning patterns is a good start. If you’ve grown in website quality and traffic, but have yet to see increased ad earnings, that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time to make the switch.

Similarly, if you’re just plain tired of the restrictions or fluctuations in your profits, it’s best to upgrade to header bidding. Publishers face many obstacles when it comes to earning with ads, but there are many solutions out there to help you get out of the rut.

When To Switch

Do you know about seasonal trends and ad earnings? To sum up a loaded topic, different seasonal ad trends occur throughout the year that directly affects your ad yield. Some months will be low activity or low yield months, while others will be booming. 

Making any drastic changes during a high-yielding season could result in a great deal of revenue loss. Therefore it’s best to switch when the potential for loss is at its lowest. Since advertisers often spend most of their budget during quarter 4 (October, November, December), switching during these months is risky. 

Instead, opt to switch during a seasonal lull, like quarter 1 (January, February, March). You can safely move providers knowing you’ll incur the most negligible loss if anything does go wrong–although, with the right provider, it shouldn’t. Additionally, with much of the focus for advertisers being on awareness campaigns, large portions of their budgets get spent on making sure ads get the most impressions possible. As an AdSense publisher, it’s money you would’ve never even seen! This makes the first quarter a doubly good time to switch.   

Upgrading To Header Bidding 

Header bidding providers are a single ad management platform that works with a wide range of ad networks. They offer an advanced programmatic way of bidding, bringing an array of ad networks together to bid in real-time for your ad units simultaneously. To put it in simpler terms, more networks bidding on your site= more cash in your pocket! Partnering with a header bidding provider takes away a ton of the headaches associated with getting multiple networks to bid on your site.

Since they were developed with the intent of making up for AdSense’s shortcomings (lack of transparency, limited demand, etc.), a good header bidding provider is naturally the best replacement for AdSense and similar networks.

Not all header bidding providers are equal. You should never plug ‘header bidding provider’ into Google and join the first one that comes up. We don’t like to judge, but shame on you if this is your main tactic! Your ad units deserve better than that–especially if you’re a fan of making a ton of money. There are lots of low-quality providers and spammy ones too, so protect yourself by evaluating these key factors: 

  • Network Size: Does their stack have quality and quantity in terms of advertisers?
  • Compensation: What is their revenue model? Do they have a history of reliable payout?
  • Ad Control: How many ad units, what types, what ad layout limitations, if any?
  • Brand safety: What solutions do they offer for keeping my site compliant with laws and regulations?

Most partners will want traffic numbers and to evaluate your site quality. Make sure you’re ready to upgrade by having a decent amount of monthly traffic. 

The Newor Media Solution

Newor Media is a premium header bidding provider with relationships to some of the largest ad networks and partners out there. Most publishers who switch over from AdSense see anywhere from a 50-200% increase in earnings right away, with plenty of room for growth down the line. We’re also non-exclusive, so if you’re happy with AdSense, we’ll happily work with them and other non-header bidding related ad networks. 

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re already kind of doing it 😉 

Beyond offering quality networks, we also provide a breadth of services to better shape your ad units and website. We assist with ad layout optimization and website speed to balance user experience. Additionally, we take care of any privacy-related issues and ensure that your site is compliant. You won’t have to worry about any new rules or regulations that come up! Our team of experts work hard to make certain your website is compliant, safe, and making money! 

It can be scary to break away from what you know, but switching to header bidding from AdSense is one of the best financial decisions you can make! If you’re curious to see just how much you could be making, go ahead and fill out our free earnings calculator!

Bridget George

Senior Account Manager, Publisher Development: Newor Media

Bridget is a dynamic business development and account manager. She has been in the ad tech industry for over 7 years and is known for her ability to drive innovative solutions and foster strategic growth. Passionate about her work, she excels in managing key accounts and ensuring client satisfaction.