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About Newor Media

"Hope all is well. I'm very interested in speaking with you about the internal set-up for all programmatic advertising / digital display inventory, and more! In addition, I’m happy to inform you that running our script in tandem with your existing script would not create any conflict or additional page load time. This is a 100% fill solution, and the average CPM is $2-3."

As a company who owns and operates websites, we receive emails like the above every single day. Have we ever signed up for an ad network and actually received a $3 CPM? No.

Even though we have seen a lot of disappointment, we have signed up for each every network and know who offers the right deals.

Newor Media was born out of the experiences of owning and operating around a hundred websites. Getting frustrated by networks who always would be offer a "revenue share" deal, and never deliver on it, we have partnered with 2 dozen of the very best networks out there. We will negotiate the right deals for your website(s). All your payments and reporting come through one channel, and everything is managed for you.

In addition, and this cannot be understated, there is strength in numbers. By joining Newor Media, you join hundreds of other sites all under the same account. We are able to demand better rates, let the networks bid for traffic, and ultimately get you paid a lot more money.

Join Us, and simply make more money.