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"No false promises, only solid technology and good people."
The programmatic ad world is incredibly complicated, and moves at an extremely fast pace. Companies offering "Artificial Intelligence", inflated CPMs, and anything else they can think of to get your attention. We think website owners deserve an honest and experienced partner.

Newor Media was born in 2015 out of the experiences of owning and operating websites ourselves. After years of trial and error (and lots of hard work), we've built proprietary algorithmic technology and have forged relationships with the largest ad networks on the web to garner the highest rates while staying true to user experience.

We have our own header bidding solution for you to use, and a team of professionals that can work with you personally to make the most out of your banner ads. With our network relationships and proprietary technology, we're posed to outperform your current partners.

"Newor Media has been the major source of banner ads earnings for JournalDev.com. The ads are relevant, fast loading and responsive. The team is very responsive to our queries and always keeps us updated with any changes that can be made to increase earnings potential." JournalDev.com
"Having been in online business for many years, we have learned to appreciate the value of a good business partner such as Newor Media that does an outstanding job helping publishers to maximize their revenue." MessagetoEagle.com
"I've tried lots of ad networks. Even ones specific to software development, but I would always get low CPM rates, (much lower than advertised) and it was always a big hassle. Newor Media makes everything easy by handling everything for me and giving me much more competitive rates by automatically choosing among the best networks at a given time." SimpleProgrammer.com
"Newor Media has been a rockstar in communication. I can't count the number of times I had a question or remark, each one of them swiftly returned with a wonderful response. Newor Media not only provides a quality service, they have the people behind them to back it up." LearnOpenGL.com
"After having been promised so many different things by ad networks, it is nice to sit back and let someone do the work and communication for us. We have been thrilled with the results and look forward to a long-term partnership." Oddee.com
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