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Newor Media Frequently Asked Questions

Newor Media Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment terms?

We have NET30 payment terms for all publishers.

How do you make payments?

We pay either by Paypal or direct wire transfer.

Is my payment guaranteed?

Yes, regardless of network claw-backs, you will be paid what you are owed based on the number that has been calculated at the end of each month. We ensure we never over-reach, and your payment is always guaranteed.

What ad sizes do you support?

We support all standard IAB ad sizes including dynamically sized units.

What commitment do you require?

You have a 24 hour out clause. IT is our job to over deliver for you, and our publishers stay with us because they want to, not because the have to.

Do you require exclusivity?

We cannot integrate into a third-party bidder, so we do require our units to be directly on the page. We also cannot run on the same page as other header bidding ad tech. However, we do not require exclusivity against direct sales or AdSense.

Do you have a reporting dashboard and data?

Yes, we have a fully functional reporting dashboard offering daily impressions and revenue.

Can I speak with a rep for more detailed questions/answers?

Of course, email one of our reps directly at She is happy to help.