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Newor Media’s Ad Policy Requirements

Standard Requirements: 
These requirements were created to maintain our good standing relationships with our ad partners and with Google, to provide the best experience and most success possible for our publishers and partners 

1. Exclusivity - Newor Media requires exclusivity in support of industry supply path optimization initiatives.

2. English Language – sites must be in English 

3. Navigation bar – sites must provide navigation to meet Google standards 

4. Content 

  • We do not monetize MFA, or “made for advertising” websites 

  • Newor Media does not monetize sites with the following types of content: anime/manga, gambling, cryptocurrency, sweepstakes, adult, alcohol, weapons, political, illegal streaming, celebrity news, lyric sites, link / URL shorteners, APK downloading, religious sites  

  • Content must be original, valuable and updated in a timely and continuous manner  

6. All sites must comply with our Newor Media Privacy Policy 

7. All sites must leverage standard ad sizes. 

8. All sites must commit to a minimum of 3 months with Newor Media. Pending site performance, an option to extend may be offered. 


In addition, Newor Media publishers also must adhere to Google’s policies and requirements