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Newor Media Elevate! Program Frequently Asked Questions

Does Newor Media Require Exclusivity?

Yes, Newor Media requires exclusivity in support of industry supply path optimization initiatives.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Newor Media’s Elevate! Program?

Elevate is our entry-level program at Newor Media, for publishers with smaller websites, or those with bigger portfolios looking to test us out. There are no minimum page views to qualify.

All Elevate! Program website submissions will be manually reviewed to determine their compliance with Newor Media’s Policy Requirements.

Although we do not have a minimum pageview threshold for this program, we do maintain a requirement for all sites to be in English, contain a navigation bar, per Google’s standards, and all content must be in alignment with Google’s ad policies, and you must be willing and able to place at least two ad units per page on your website.

How long does the review process for Elevate! Take?

This may vary depending on the size of the website and where the majority of your website traffic originates from, however, typically we will respond within 24-48 hours.

Do I need a Google Ad Manager account?

Yes, Newor Media requires all publishers to have or obtain a Google Ad Manager account in order to work together.

You can check if you have a Google Ad Manager Account by navigating to the login screen. Try logging in with your Google account. If it does not log you in, navigate back to this window and select 'no'. If you have an AdSense account, it does not mean you automatically have a Google Ad Manager Account.

How do I get support?

Upon acceptance into the Elevate! Program, publishers will receive personalized attention and will be able to submit a support ticket directly from their dashboard, allowing them to share issues and request support. Publishers should expect a response to ticket submissions within 24 hours.

Every ticket is individually reviewed by a Newor Media team member and where needed Team member responses will also provide helpful feedback.